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Sales as of March 2011


Things I am trying to sell, I will consider all offers:

Black/Silver double ruffle skirt. It is 26.5-27" in the waist with no elastic.

$35 obo

Card suit/Alice OTK socks, they are a little tight in the thigh so iff you have no hips/thighs then they'd be perfect. They are from Claire's: $5

Alice in Wonderland cutsew w/ hood, fits my 33" bust just fine, I wouldn't suggest it for anyone larger than 35": $7

Leopard print Isotoner gloves, they'd go great with Meta's leopard stuff :3 $7

Cardigan from Target, size xs. Max bust/waist 35"/29": $5

Black vest from Target, size S. Too large for me, would best fit someone 34-36" bust: $5

Class 15 Bobbins, still in package. They are the wrong class for my machine: $2


Dec. 27th, 2010

objects in mirror are losing

I’m going to post this here so I don’t post it to a thread in customers_suck.

I want to and if I wouldn’t be posting it four days after the comment I might have posted there. But I don’t like posting to someone’s comment that late after they post it. Especially when they’re being so obtuse. These are three of several of their comments, they posted more reiterating the same things to people previously arguing the opposing view.

"I've never had the occasion to. As I said to someone else, this is not about the regional variations in English accents, but the differences in accents between each separate country within the United Kingdom, and the way that "British accent" seems to disregard 3 of them."

"My point, as I previously said, was that British does not equal English, and so it is wrong for people to say "British accent" because there is no such thing. You can be from Britain and therefore British, but saying "British accent" rather rudely dismisses three of the four countries here. Peru, Columbia, and Argentina are not member states of the same country and therefore you can't compare them in that way."

"I know you mean well, but my point wasn't about the differences in regional accents, it's about the different countries and the fact that someone saying "British accent" means "English accent"; and that's like disregarding the other three countries as they are also British. For example, it's highly unlikely someone would confuse an English (from whatever region) accent with a Northern Irish one, but they'd never say "they had a British accent" about the NI person.
(Personally I don't like the term "Yank", it sounds like such a harsh word, and I know some (or maybe all?) Americans find it offensive.)"

Basically OP Commenter finds it offensive that people say British accent because their various accents are so unique everyone should be able to identify them by member state.

1) You are talking about regional accents. Yes, you really are. We Americans don’t take offense when you say we have an American accent because hey, you understand the widest governing body covering our home. You can’t tell the difference between a kid from Oklahoma and one from Boston? Well that’s fine, we’re probably happy to talk about our home. We’re cool like that. Many of us identify strongly with our states (and/or regions). Wales, Scotland, England and N. Ireland are member STATES of the United Kingdom. Yes, you insist that you’re separate countries but I and many Americans laugh at this. States. One step up from counties but one step below the gov’t tying them all together. Just because we have fifty states as opposed to your four does not give you the right to have the rest of the world identify your specific states. Unless you are going to take the time to refer to a person speaking clearly in a Texas accent or Wisconsin accent by their home state you can stuff it. A good number of Americans probably can’t tell the difference between a Scottish accent and an English accent and a Welsh accent. They just sound similar enough that we can accurately place your accent to one island.

2) We aren’t really including any part of Ireland in the "British" accent, most admit this. And to be honest most of us understand that North Ireland is kind of split on whether or not it wants to BE part of the U.K. We’ll say Irish accent because that is the island we think they’re from. (And I have no idea if there is a difference in speech between N. Ireland and Republic of Ireland) Scotland/Wales/England? All the Isle of Britain. So British. And again, unless you are exposed to Scottish and Welsh accents they do sound similar to variations of English accents. Really.

3) British = official word to use for someone from the U.K. We’re taught in school that Scotland and England are one country. Wales is kind of murky but on the same island so we figure it’s part of the package and N. Ireland hardly gets a mention. I think my history teachers were betting on N. Ireland seceding. Yeah, when you get entrenched in the socio-political studies of the area you realize that those four are basically claiming duel citizenship (their own as a country and their own as part of a country) that is a foreign idea to Americans. We figure you’ve accepted the fact you’re states and that it is okay. States can be special and unique and run themselves. States can be like countries (and in Texas’s case pretty much assert the fact it still has a law on the books that would let it become a separate country again). I know some Texans who are offended when you call them an American because they are Texans first and foremost. Admittedly I haven’t run into that anywhere else but a friend in New York says there are some people like that there.

4) When someone refers to an American accent you immediately think of what is used in our national news broadcasts. Yes, yes you do. When pressed for what the residents of the UK sound like? We think of the BBC news. I doubt this is just an American thing too. And it doesn’t just apply to English language variations either. When I think Japanese? I think the lady from the morning news we got on channel 18 growing up (I don’t remember the network). So, just like what is the most common idea of a British accent is apparently is South England the "American" accent is similarly limited to the urban Southern Midwest, the West coastal states and the Southwest (excluding Texas).

Most importantly, this is the hill you’re dying on? Really? We happen to say British accent and this offends you since there is no one British accent? Oh, there are only state (cough regional cough) accents and you feel like we only refer to the Southern English as British and exclude the whole? Yeah no. Get over your country. Plenty of us, including BBC watching peeps, really cannot differentiate between the different accents. I can probably tell the difference between an Irish accent and someone from the isle of Britain but after that it does get difficult. And if you didn’t have so many differences in terms it might help.

A bit of conjecture on the Flynn Lives ARG

Snicker programs
I took the gerrymandering to be a reference to Clu, he seems like a renegade program (who looks like a politician with that perfectly coifed, bouncy hair) who has been taking over the grid in a slow manner, expanding his district more and more which leaves Flynn and programs who don't fall under his command forced to reside outside his district. It is all very Roman really. The gamegrid in the original movie was a private toy of the MCP but in the previews it seems like something for the masses. And, as every Roman politician (or historian) knows all you need is energy and the gamegrid to keep your support programs in line. ;) I'm kind of expecting Clu to take the Caesar's assassins' approach since I believe he has already commented on ending the tyranny of the user. And Flynn is far more like Julius Caesar than Tarquinius Superbus. Flynn could be seen as the original Brutus who kicked Tarquinius Superbus to the curb, begining the new Republic like government which everyone loves and it is great and things rock. But He's said he's been there for a reaaaally long time. Enough time for the Republic's ideals to erode and for Flynn to be seen as holding too much power, making himself dictator for life as opposed to staying within the proscribed limits of the office. So Clu then takes him out and takes over.  Oh gosh, that'd make Sam Augustus, wouldn't it? And Clu would move into the Antony position as the well liked and established option in replacing Flynn (since he’s kind of old and crusty in the trailers I don’t think he’ll be returning to power). Ah, but then who is the Lepidus? Maybe Rinzler? But he seems too cool to be the Lepidus. The comment of voting for Flynn would be showing support of him, and/or users as a whole, regaining territory and taking back the system.

But then again, that would mean Zack and others posting on the board knew of the plight of the programs. Unless Zack is a program trying to get the world of users to help out. That would explain why he seems to know so much and how he can guide us all in the game. Maybe the ARG is supposed to be his way of collecting user support

And on that bombshell, I'm going to head off to bed. Sleepiness always does inspire the more oddball theories for me. Though it has given me no help on diving any clues for the game!

Sales/Feedback Post


This is my running sales post, it functions as a masterlist of all my sales and feedback. :D
If you buy something please leave feedback.
If the test has been struck through the item has been sold.

Egl_feedback page:

Remember all prices include domestic shipping!

Homemade Stable Logo jsk

I originally made this for a friend for a shoot but she doesn’t want to do it any more. It is made for someone a bit bigger than me which is why it is so loose on my mannequin. It is also made to accommodate a fluffier petticoat than I own. It is unlined and made out of printed cotton. The zipper can be a bit fussy but works.

Max measurements: 32" bust, 29-30" waist


front close up:



Offbrand white dress

It is very small and won’t fit more than a very light petti.

front close-up:



Homemade Victorian Iceskaters Skirt

One of my favorite Christmas skirts, it too is unlined but really nice, doesn’t fit a really poofy petti though and I think the fur trim I used may be real. Max waist of 28" but sewn on waist ties get it down to 26" comfortably.






I got a text from what is probably going to be an ex-friend now. I had lent her the helms and masks for my two Transformers costumes, there is a panel at Botcon concerning costuming and since I couldn’t make it I was asked to send one along with former friend. That’s fine, the least I can do since I’ve been shirking my mod duties in the TF costuming comm.

The text tells me that apparently the bags had shifted in the overhead bin (as they are wont to do) and crushed my helms. I ask what the damage is, a bit mad but figured maybe the bag next to hers had a bowling ball or something. No, it is pretty clear she simply put my helms in her backpack and shoved that sucker up there to fend for itself.

I’m just about to blind rage here. Exactly when does is sound like- Gah. The words escape me. There is so much fail here I’m not sure how I can do anything but want to punch her in the face. There are several things that could have been done to prevent this. Used all together everything would have traveled just fine. Fuck, I’ve sent one of those costumes via parcel fucking post and while the box looked like it had been sent via Sarlacc post the costume was fine!

Step 1: Use a suitcase.

     Not a duffel, not a backpack one of those suitcase with a frame, even with soft sides it would do just fine. And I even have one that would fit in the overhead if she didn’t have one.

Step 1b: Even without a sturdy suitcase, put delicates in a box.

     The box will prevent a lot of scratching and squishing if a suitcase is not available. Or used with a suitcase there’s enough protection for even very delicate things.

Step 2: Support within the box/suitcase.

     In this case, take your clothes and gently shove them in helm so it is given support from the inside. Wrap softer things (like a soft t-shirt) around the outside and when packing the helm into the suitcase pack more clothes around it so it is supported from the outside as well.

Step 3: Finish packing.

That’s right, all of three steps and maybe two minutes. It is not some curator secret, passed on at the super secret initiation rites we have. We aren’t taught this in between the bull sacrifice and naked dancing with weird masks. This is just common fucking sense.

This normally wouldn’t fall under ending a friendship territory but she tweeted that she had kept her costume’s helm in her lap. Her fiberglass helm. Her helm which could be dropped out a window and be fine. Not my lightweight covered foam helms. No. Of course not. Especially not the one covered in unbacked vinyl which, you know, I told her needs to be handled a bit carefully. Since it creases. And scuffs. And... Fuck.

I may have use of my kitchen again but I think I may be too pissed to really enjoy baking.

Needless to say I already told her she’ll be shipping them directly back to me. I may have one of my other friends there get them and pack them for shipping too. It is pretty fucking obvious that she can’t be trusted in these matters.

engineer on strike

So Creeper went and spazzed at me last night. I feel I walked away the winner from that confrontation though. A bit of back story though. I don’t wash his dishes, share my food, or clean anything I don’t use. I don’t talk with him either. I don’t like him and I don’t pretend to, my Aunt and Uncle simply keep him around because they feel sorry for him. Life is just oh so hard for him, he can’t seem to follow rules like laws or workplace standards since he thinks he knows better. He makes sure to use unemployment and veterans benefits to their limit though! Basically he’s a moocher who won’t stop mooching until he’s kicked out. My Aunt is the type who likes being needed and getting the emotional interactions. It is why she’s got three dogs, a cat, two chickens and four horses. My parents are absolutely appalled that my Aunt and Uncle have taken him in again and that he’s now taken over the living room of the guest house I’ve been staying in while job hunting/working on my degree.

So, I come home last night and open the pantry to find a 7/11 cup sitting there on a shelf by the tupperware. Naturally I’m not pleased since I reaaaally hate bugs in the kitchen and a soda in the pantry tends to draw them. So I take it out (discovering it is empty) and hold it up to Creeper who is watching tv and say, "Hey, don’t leave soda cups in the pantry, it’s not sanitary."

"But it’s a collector’s item! I washed it!"

Cue eye roll. "It is a disposable cup; it is trash and its gross to put that thing in the pantry."

"I’m going to use it, and I saaaaid I washed it. I even washed the straw!"

"If you really feel the need to keep it then put it with your stuff and not with the tupperware. It. Does. Not. Belong. In. The. Pantry."

"But it is not trash, and I’m going to use it!"

I decide my time is worth more than arguing with a mentally deficient moocher so I exhale slowly and put the cup on the counter before heading to my bedroom.

Fast forward a few hours, I’m watching tv in the den and doing my homework and he storms in and is absolutely livid. He starts reaming me that I never talk to him, that I don’t wash his dishes, that I don’t make him dinner, and that I don’t clean the entire house, specifically citing the shower. I’ve been silent the entire time until that point, my steely will to not give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his temper tantrum holding strong. But the shower is the last straw.

"I don’t even use that shower, I shower at the gym since you leave that shower disgusting!"

"Well if you would clean it-"

"Why should I clean something I don’t use? I am not your mother nor your maid! There is a bottle of tile cleaner next to the shower, it is not hard to clean it after you use it."

"But the shower takes forever to drain, and sometimes I’m really busy! Unlike you I do the yardwork, outside, I do hard work, so there is dirt and stuff." (Oh yes, Mr. Unemployed mooch has sooo much to do at 10pm that he can’t give the shower a spritz with cleaner before heading out.)

"That is no excuse, I don’t wash your dishes and clean the mess you leave in the shower because they are not my responsibility." (I wanted to toss in a grow up but he still seemed just about ready to start beating the shit out of me.)

I clam up again and add that famous ‘mom’ look of ‘I’m not buying this bullshit, if you want to discuss an issue with me then act like an adult, otherwise I’m not going to give you the time of day.’

He gets that after a minute and storms out huffing more than a petulant teenager, adding a "You’re going to be surprised when you finally go out into the real world!". I roll my eyes and get back to my homework. He forgets I’ve been more successful in my several years of living on my own than he has in his 30 some years of mooching.

Later, when I’m washing my dishes from the day he comes in and is smiling and goes, "Hope you didn’t think I was too hard on you."

I don’t look up but respond, "No." I realize he’ll think he’s won so I amend my statement. "You had no footing in your argument but I understand you can’t quite process things. Just because a shower drains slow doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your own mess." Then I don’t say anything else and continue washing my dishes.

"Well I bet if I took out the shower drain I would find someone’s long hair clogging it up!" And he huffs out again. He doesn’t seem to understand that the shower has always drained slow and I always cleaned the drain when I was using the shower.

I’m thinking of throwing out that cup. Especially if he decides to watch the tv with the volume maxed at 2am anymore. That shit is not okay.


Finding it hard to sew these past few days. I need to as I've got a big pile of fabric to make into jsks and skirts and bloomers and a couple pieces of clothing I need to alter but I'm just feeling so... not in the mood. Same goes for plushes but I have to at least do one thing on each plush a day to make deadlines. It's been the same with working out too, I was doing great and doing 4 miles a day and all the weights but now I'm down to a mile a day and half the weights. :/

I just have to finish up two projects for school and this semester will be done. I'm looking forward to the several week break before resuming classes. I think I'll even manage to get the B I need in management despite missing a few assignments. I hope so.

Things are looking splendid for my family trip in June, it coincides with the first week of class but I'll just make sure I get everything done the first day for that week. Need to remember to talk to my advisor about taking more classes though, I'd like to try and cut two semesters off of this degree. And I'm not working too many hours so adding more school hours into my schedule would be a snap. Sadly the group advising day is going to cut in on partying for my b-day in the Gaslamp District. Oh well, just means I'll have more spending money in June.

I'm sad by the lack of conventions on my schedule this year but I can't do conventions if I want to make it to the Mont Gisard meet-up in November. And that is seriously worth it.


objects in mirror are losing

Just got done with the first section of the techinical paper for my databasing class.

I hate technical writing. It should burn in hell. If I am bored by the own two pages I have written concerning Transformers comicbooks then something is horribly wrong. It doesn't help that I paused in the middle of cruising around TF2 comics on deviantart to work on the paper and every so often I would look to the side of Wordperfect and see an artist's hilarious Medic icon. Christ that put me back ten minutes.

I'm just glad my touchy-feely management teacher is the complete opposite (so far) and I can be as humourous as I want.

The bad part is I used to only write technical in high school but after getting accused of plagarizing I started being humorous.